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Never shoot more than one take for a video, ever again.
The world's fastest video editing software does ALL the work for you.

Nuro’s A.I. video editor turns up to 10 hours of raw footage into a fully-edited professional result (with titles, transitions and animation) in a single click.
You can finally attract more leads, sell more, and enjoy your free time.

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See how much Nuro saves you!


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Neurovideos have already been used by over 1,800 course creators and successful entrepreneurs the world over !

Blogueur Pro par Olivier Roland
Mon Coach de Golf par Joel Bernard
Mutimalin par Matthieu Protin
Julie Huleux Romancière

How does Nuro work?
Publishing your video course is easy as 1-2-3:


First step

Shoot your video

Use your digital camera, a DSLR, your smartphone, or even record from your webcam in a Zoom room.

Just hit record, as you are, and teach your content as you please!


Second step

Click the "Magic Button"

Nuro takes your video, transcribes it, analyzes the content (both meaning and structure) of your message, and edits the whole video for you, complete with titles, animations, and transitions.

Your « neurovideo » is ready with no editing work on your part whatsoever. (And you can always add modifications afterwards if you wish, with an editor that’s as easy to use as a text document).


last step

Publish the video to your website

Nuro provides you with a video player that you can easily embed on your website.
Your video player includes many unique features: automatic chapters ; a downloadable summary of the key highlights covered in the video ; and you can even insert clickable links and calls to action inside the video!

Plus, as opposed to YouTube and many others, our player doesn’t insert any ads before, during or after your video.

When should you use Nuro?

To create your video courses and programs

When you sell a video training program, you want students and buyers watch it to the end!
Nuro allows you to get your content out and online in record time. You get customers faster, your content gives you a faster return on investment, and word-of-mouth works to your advantage faster!
So you get to make a living and a fortune from your online business, while bringing even more value to your customers!

To quickly create free content for YouTube

Publishing high-quality free content is the best way to get your name out there.
Nuro raises the level of professionalism of your content, while saving you a lot of time. So you can significantly increase the frequency and quantity of content you publish.
You grow your audience and deepen their relationship with you, and your business grows at unprecedented speed.

To create sales videos and high-converting webinars

To sell your products and services, there’s nothing like a well-structured sales video, with a professional look and a clear call to action!
Nuro allows you to clearly communicate your message, increase your conversions, and therefore sell more.
In addition, the Nuro player directly integrates clickable calls to action.
You make life easier for your customers and therefore you get more customers!

To add 10x more value to the content you've already recorded

Right now, on a hard drive somewhere, you probably have hours of recordings of: Zoom sessions, in-person trainings, and even videos you had already published on YouTube in « raw » format.
All this content doesn’t have to keep gathering dust.
Nuro gives a second life to this content by making it attractive, clear and captivating. So you get more views, and more sales.

Get a Nuro subscription for your business:

Let Nuro deal with your video editing and free up your time for what you do best: talking passionately about your subject of expertise!

Your time is precious. If you bill your coaching or consulting by the hour, or your face-to-face training by the day, then you surely realize that 10 hours of video editing currently costs you hundreds or even thousands of euros in lost revenue. Nuro allows you to eliminate this wasted time, increase the number and quality of videos you publish, and therefore make more in less time!

Use the "magic button" and instantly get your video edited and ready to use.

Nuro’s « Magic Button » is the combination of a semantic analysis model and a pedagogical synthesis engine that uses deep learning to generate a neurovideo edited without human intervention.

Our servers provide a phenomenal amount of work in parallel to edit your video. It’s a 16-step process that takes place extremely fast, in the background. Instead of spending hours, days or weeks on the editing bench of nightmarish editing tools, or spending a fortune on freelancers, you get your final neurovideo  in minutes or even seconds.

Screen capture: Nuro asks you "What do you want to do?" and shows a large "Magic Button" to do it for you

Your customers, prospects and training students benefit from a perfect learning experience that drives action

Nuro hosts your videos with no limits on the size or duration of your content.

In addition, with the Nuro player:

  • No ads are inserted in your videos (unlike the YouTube player and many others)
  • Your students and clients can download the video’s summary of key concepts
  • It is impossible to download your videos
  • Playback speed is adjustable
  • Text size is adjustable in real time
  • The navigation in the video is intuitive and based on the concepts and ideas taught in the video

Customize your videos with a look that fits your brand.

Choose the colors and fonts that Nuro will use in your video, and insert your logo as a watermark. Or use one of our stunning ready-made graphic themes!
Each color you choose has meaning.

Nuro is your must-have video tool to quickly create and publish your professional quality videos.

What our users are saying:

Are you ready to finally earn a living and a fortune through what you know?
Let's publish your first neurovideo right away!

Nuro is an AI-driven video editor that fully automates the video editing process.

We help experts, course creators, authors, coaches and consultants who have valuable content to share and want their students and clients to watch their videos to the end.

Since Nuro creates those videos with a single click, our customers save tens of hours of grueling editing work and tens of thousands of dollars of freelancer costs.