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Will call-to-action links still be clickable once my video is exported as an MP4 file?

It’s understandable why you would ask this question – after all, clickable call-to-action links are a great way to drive more conversions and increase engagement with your videos.

Unfortunately, MP4 videos don’t allow clickable links.

However, with Nuro, you can embed the Nuro Player on your blog, membership site or landing page, and then the link will remain clickable. This means that you can still have the same level of engagement with your viewers, and Nuro makes it easy to do this with just one click.

If you choose to use YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or other platforms to host the MP4 video file, they will not allow clickable links in the video. Therefore, the only way to ensure clickable links is to use the Nuro Player.

At Nuro, we have developed an A.I. video editing software that makes it easy for you to edit and publish videos in one click. With Nuro, you can earn more, save time, and show your expertise to the world. So if you need a video with clickable links, Nuro is the perfect solution.